Bathroom Vanities

Suggestions for Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities are specifically designed to keep unsightly plumbing away from view. Even if this is the case, there is no reason why you cannot make use of an exquisite and classy design.

They are either prefabricated or custom-made. Prefabricated bathroom vanities can be found at large home depots and even home supplies stores. Most shops already offer a vast array of various models, colors, and designs in an overwhelming range of colors.

Prefabs are a bit cheaper than custom-made bathroom vanities and can take the hassle of having to hire a contractor off your shoulders. Since they're practically finished, all you have to do is install it onto your bathroom wall.

If you have an existing sink and want to make use of it, you can opt for custom bathroom vanities. Choose a design that can go well with the rest of the decor in your home or one that has been your dream design all along. Have a professional take the measurements, working around your existing sink, and add whatever cabinets or drawers you want to include.

You can easily find makers of custom bathroom vanities in your local directory or ask friends for recommendations. You can have a professional construct any style you have in mind, for as long as it remains functional. You can have full sink cabinets for lots of storage space or pedestal sinks that are primarily decorative.

Vessel sink cabinets are more and more becoming popular these days because of their artistic designs. For this type of bathroom vanity, the sinks can be made of various materials such as glass, marble, or stone. The use of these stylish bathroom vanities gives your bathroom an instant updated look.

The Kyoto Single Sink Cabinet with Honey Solid Marble Top from the Home Decorators Collection, for instance, will blend well in a home with a minimalist Asian theme. It features a glass sink with a twist - it is finished with a wood-like finish. It has a bi-level sink cabinet, two generous drawers, a honey solid marble top and exquisite stainless steel faucet.

These particular bathroom vanities cost around $700. You can add to this set a matching mirrored wall cabinet to go right above the sink for a complete look.

The tops of bathroom vanities can be made from various materials. There's glass, wood, marble, granite, and porcelain. These are all relatively easy to maintain, but be careful of using abrasive cleaners that may destroy the natural patina of the bathroom vanity top.

Your requirements for tops for bathroom vanities should be strength, ease of cleaning, and a strong resistance to heat, impacts, and spills. When designing bathroom vanities, you have to keep in mind that you might need to install a backsplash to catch splashes. However, if you're thinking of purchasing bathroom vanities with vessel sinks, then backsplashes are immaterial.

You can use practically any type of fixture you want for custom bathroom vanities, as long as they match those on your bathtub and shower area. Although bathroom vanities can stand alone with their own design, it's still a good idea to hold all the bathroom furnishings together into one cohesive whole.