Bathroom Vanities

Custom Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities add elegance to any bathroom, and if you're planning a renovation or planning the construction of a new home, you can opt for custom bathroom vanities to get the look you want.

Bathroom vanities are basically glorified cabinets that go under your bathroom sink to hide the plumbing away from view. They may have shelves where you can keep your toiletries and other bathroom essentials. The cabinets beneath can also store cleaning materials that could be an eyesore if not hidden in an enclosed structure.

You can have your bathroom vanities constructed to complement the rest of the decor in your home. You can even design them in an entirely different design to make it look as though your bathroom is detached from the rest of the house. You'll soon find that you can do absolutely anything with bathroom vanities.

The obvious advantage of having custom bathroom vanities is that people won't find anything else like them in shops, depots, or home improvement stores. As their designs are made according to your specifications, these bathroom vanities will be totally be unique.

Keep in mind, though, that to come up with the best bathroom vanities for your home, they should be both stylish and functional. There's no sense in choosing colors and expensive fixtures for bathroom vanities if the dimensions aren't right.

The main reason for having custom bathroom vanities made rather than choosing one off a catalogue is for your personal enjoyment. You'll have your own reasons for choosing the design you want, and it will often be a reflection of your personality.

Therefore, if you're sharing bathroom vanities with another person, such as your spouse, it's only right to plan and design one with that person because he or she will be using it as often as you would.

When designing custom bathroom vanities, consult with a professional cabinet maker or a carpenter worth his salt regarding the practicality of your design. You can also ask him about where you can get supplies for bathroom vanities, such as mirrors, wood, tiles, or paint. Apart from these valuable advice on construction, he can also give you an estimate of how much the project can cost.

If your going with a particular carpenter or contractor to work on your custom bathroom vanities, you should request for recommendations or photographs of previous work from his former customers. The best cabinet makers take pride in their work and invariably keep a portfolio of their most impressive work.

Sometimes, the cost can really fet in the way of our getting the bathroom vanities of our dreams. Many wonderful materials cost a lot, such as marble, enamel glaze, or hardwood. You can substitute certain cheaper materials for these instead. Less expensive materials you can use for bathroom vanities are fiberboard, acrylic paint, polypropylene, and particleboard.

You can even shop around to find antique reproductions or plated fixtures instead of the genuine article. The craftsmanship for custom bathroom vanities, though, has to be outstanding, even if you're only using alternative materials.